Regulations for payment of membership fees in the Polish Social Psychological Society


§1 General provisions

(1) Under the Articles 16 (3) and 17(4) of the PSPS Statute, upon joining the PSPS, each member is obliged to pay membership fees following the regulations adopted by the PSPS Board.

(2) Non-payment of dues may be a reason for removing a member from the PSPS.

(3) The bylaws are attached to the Society’s membership declaration. They are also available on the website and at the Society’s headquarters.

(4) The PSPS Board shall decide on the fee amount and the ways and conditions of payment.

(5) The Treasurer of the PSPS shall keep records related to the payment of dues.

(6) The list of members suspended for the non-payment of dues shall be presented to the PSPS Board’s Meeting. The Board may decide on the possible removal of the members.

(7) Cases beyond the scope of these regulations are subject to individual agreement with the PSPS Board.

§2 Fee amount and ways of payment

(1) The PSPS Board shall decide on the fee amount by adopting a resolution.

(2) The fee for each academic year shall be paid annually with a deadline of April 1.

(3) At the General Assembly of the PSPS Members, information on the status of the aggregated due payments of all members will be made public (anonymously).
(4) If the payments remain overdue for more than one year starting from the date of April 1, the member shall lose the right to benefit from discounts and participation in activities funded by the Society (in particular, the right to participate in grant competitions or activities offered exclusively to the PSPS members)

(5) The PSPS Board shall have the right to suspend the rights of a member whose payments are overdue for at least 24 months, starting from April 1.
(6) The PSPS Board shall have the right to remove members whose overdue payments are unjustified for two years.

§3 Obligation to pay the first fee

(1) The obligation to pay fees begins in the month after the PSPS Board accepts the new membership.

(2) Failure to pay the first fee by the applicable deadline automatically results in suspension of membership in the Society.

§4 Reductions and exceptions from fee payment

(1) The decision on any exceptions or reductions in the payment of fees is at the discretion of the PSPS Board.

  1. Formal conditions for fee reduction:

§5 Re-admission to the Society

(1) A member removed or suspended for payment overdue may seek re-admission to the Society.

(2) The conditions for the re-admission are payment of dues that were not previously paid and filing a request for re-admission to the PSPS Board (at