Awards received by PSPS members


Doctorate Honoris Causa (2021) for Professor Bogdan Wojciszke

The Senate of Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz awarded our member and co-founder, Bogdan Wojciszke, an honorary doctorate. The resolution of the Senate of KWU can be found here. We are incredibly pleased with this news, and – again – congratulations!


Lifetime Achievement Award for Professor Grzegorz Sędek (2021)

We were also delighted to learn that the Minister of Education and Science has awarded Grzegorz Sędek a lifetime achievement award. Congratulations, and we look forward to learning about the future results of the fascinating research.


Dr. Katarzyna Jasko awarded the POLITYKA Science Awards (2020)

Since 2001, the POLITYKA Weekly Foundation has been running a scholarship program for young scientists, “Stay with us!” – since 2011 under the name POLITYKA Science Awards. In the field of social sciences, the winner in 2020 was Dr. Katarzyna Jasko, assistant professor at the Institute of Psychology in the Faculty of Philosophy at Jagiellonian University. Dr. Jasko researches what motivates people to become politically involved. She is interested in both destructive and violent political activity, as well as “positive extremism,” which is when people sacrifice their well-being for an idea they believe in (e.g., equality, environmental protection) by acting peacefully.
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Moscovici Medal of the European Association of Social Psychology (2017) for Professor Bogdan Wojciszke

During the General Meeting in Granada (2017), the Serge Moscovici medal of the EASP was received by Professor Bogdan Wojciszke (together with Professor Andrea Abele). The Moscovici Medal is awarded to the author or authors of a single article, book, or book chapter that has made an outstanding innovative contribution to theory in social psychology (for the article: Abele-Brehm, A. Wojciszke, B. (2017). Communal and agentic content. A dual perspective model, Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, 50, 198-25).

In 2017, Bogdan Wojciszke was awarded a sabbatical travel scholarship from the Foundation for Polish Science (Cambridge, UK). In 2016, he received the Minister of Science and Higher Education award for scientific and teaching care achievements and the Foundation for Polish Science award. Between 2012 and 2014, he was the beneficiary of the MISTRZ (“Master”) academic grant for professors from the Foundation for Polish Science. Congratulations!

National Science Centre 2015 Prize for Michal Bilewicz, PhD

On October 7, Michał Bilewicz (Department of Psychology, University of Warsaw and Vice President of the PSPS) received the highly prestigious National Science Center Award in the area of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts for his work on the three-factor structure of contemporary anti-Semitism and its psychological consequences.

The National Science Centre (NCN) Award has been awarded annually since 2013 in three research areas: 1) Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts, 2) Science and Technology, and 3) Earth Sciences. For the first time, the winner in the area of Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts was a psychologist. CONGRATULATIONS!

The NCN Award is awarded to scholars under 40 years of age, as the Award aims to support young researchers. The award is granted for significant scientific achievements in basic research conducted in and affiliated with a Polish institution. The award is funded by companies involved in supporting scientific activities. The NCN Prize is awarded by the Council of the National Science Centre, along with NCN representatives and representatives of the Award funders. Only other outstanding scientists may submit candidates. Each eligible person may submit only one nomination. There were 72 candidates for the 2015 NCN Prize.

The information comes from Małgorzata Kossowska (member of the Council of the National Science Centre). Photos and information about the NCN Award and the other two winners can be found on the NCN website:

Jean-Paul Codol Medal for Prof. Maria Lewicka

We are most pleased to announce that Prof. Maria Lewicka, PhD, has become one of three recipients of the prestigious Jean-Paul Codol Medal, awarded every three years by the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology.

Prof. Lewicka is strongly associated with PSPS and has been, among other things, the editor-in-chief of the Psychologia Społeczna journal.

For more information, visit the website about the Jean-Paul Codol Medal.


Deutsch Prize for Prof. Grzelak and Prof. Reykowski

We are pleased to announce that distinguished psychologists Prof. Janusz Grzelak and Prof. Janusz Reykowski have been awarded the prestigious Scholar-Practitioner Morton Deutsch Award for Social Justice. The award is given annually by Columbia University’s International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR) for outstanding achievements in applying the scientific basis of social conflict resolution to real-life settings.

Both laureates are affiliated with PSPS: Prof. Grzelak was the President of PSPS from 2004 to 2007, and Prof. Reykowski is an Honorary Member of PSPS.

More information can be found on the websites of the Deutsch Prize and the University of Warsaw Department of Psychology.