PSPS Awards


Lifetime Achievement Award

It has been awarded since 2012 by the PSPS Board to experienced researchers for their significant achievements in social psychology on an international level.

Previously awarded:
2023 – Prof. John Nezlek (College of William & Mary, SWPS University)
2022 – Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal (Tel Aviv University)
2021 – Prof. Janusz Reykowski (Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences)
2020 – Prof. Dariusz Doliński (SWPS University)
2019 – Prof. Grzegorz Sędek (SWPS University)
2018 – Prof. Paweł Boski (SWPS University)
2017 – Prof. Maria Lewicka (Nicolaus Copernicus University)
2016 – Prof. Maria Jarymowicz (University of Warsaw)
2015 – award not given
2014 – Prof. Malgorzata Kossowska (Jagiellonian University)
2013 – Prof. Miroslaw Kofta (University of Warsaw)
2012 – Prof. Bogdan Wojciszke (SWPS University).


Robert Zajonc Award


It has been granted since 2011 by the PSPS Board to young researchers (up to seven years after completing a doctoral degree) for significant publications in social psychology.

Previously awarded:
2022 – Paulina Górska (University of Warsaw)
2022 – Wiktor Soral (University of Warsaw)
2021 – Konrad Bocian (SWPS University)
2020 – Marta Marchlewska (Polish Academy of Sciences) and Radosław Rogoza (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw)
2019 – Anna Czarna (Jagiellonian University)
2018 – Katarzyna Cantarero (SWPS University)
2017 – Aneta Przepiórka (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin)
2016 – Malwina Szpitalak (Jagiellonian University)
2015 – Michał Parzuchowski (SWPS University)
2014 – Anna Zajenkowska (The Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw)
2013 – Aleksandra Cichocka (University of Warsaw)
2012 – Piotr Sorokowski (University of Wroclaw)
2011 – Aleksandra Cisłak (SWPS University)


Solomon Asch Award


The €1,000 prize (since 2023) has been awarded annually since 2008 by the Editorial Board of Social Psychological Bulletin to a young researcher (up to three years after completing a doctoral degree) for the best article published in SPB in the previous year.


Previous Winners:
2023 – Simon Tobias Karg (Aarhus University)
2022 – Amélie Bret (Université Clermont Auvergne, LAPSCO, CNRS)
2021 – Thuy-vy Nguyen, PhD (Durham University)
2020 – Ashley M. Araiza, MA (Stony Brook University)
2019 – Dominika Bulska, MA (University of Warsaw)
2018 – Gabriela Czarnek, PhD (Jagiellonian University) and Piotr Dragon, PhD (Jagiellonian University) two awards of PLN 1,000 each
2017 – Julia Zając, PhD (School of Social Sciences, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences)
2016 – Katarzyna Szczucka, MA (SWPS University)
2015 – Kamil Imbir, PhD (The Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw)
2014 – Barnaba Danieluk, PhD (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University)
2013 – Marta Roczniewska, MA (SWPS University)
2012 – Malwina Szpitalak, PHD (Jagiellonian University) and Anna Czarna, MA (Wroclaw University)
2011 – Marta Snarska, MA (Warsaw University), honorable mention: Barnaba Danieluk, MA (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University)
2010 – Julita Koszur, MA (SWPS University)
2009 – Monika Wróbel, PhD (University of Lodz) and Katarzyna Jasko, MA (Jagiellonian University) two awards of PLN 1,000 each
2008 – Michał Bilewicz, PhD (University of Warsaw) and Marcin Bukowski, PhD (Jagiellonian University) two awards of PLN 1,000 each