Membership application


If you wish to apply for the PSPS membership, please follow these four steps:

  1. Please prepare your current scientific curriculum vitae (CV) with a list of publications
  2. Please fill out the online application form: Application form for candidates for PSPS membership
  3. The next step is to ask for recommendations from two regular members of the PSPS. PSPS members provide their recommendations using the dedicated online form: Recommendation form for candidates for PSPS membership
  4. As the last step, please notify the PSPS Board of your application in a separate e-mail (send the e-mail to:

After receiving the Candidate Form and all recommendations from PSPS members, the PSPS Board will review the applications for the PSPS membership. Candidates will be notified of the Board’s decision via e-mail.

PSPS members wishing to receive e-mail alerts of new papers published in Social Psychological Bulletin can join the SPB mailing list.