PSPS Monographs and Recommendation Regulations



General information

(1) The Polish Social Psychological Society (hereinafter referred to as “PSPS”) supports the publication of academic works in the field of social psychology by editing the publishing series “PSPS Monographs”.

1.1 Monographs are book publications presenting studies that are significant contributions by an author or a team of authors to the development of the research field within psychology in which they specialize in.
1.2 PSPS cares about the high quality of the Monographs, as they showcase the scientific excellence of the Society.

1.3 The publishing house for the PSPS Monographs is the Scholar Publishing House.

(2) The PSPS may grant a recommendation to monographs and other book publications that do not meet the framework criteria outlined in Section 1 and for which a request for a recommendation has been submitted.
(3) The editorial process for PSPS Monographs and PSPS Recommendations is managed by at least three PSPS members that make up the Monographs and Recommendations Editorial Team (M&R Editorial Team), appointed by the PSPS Board for a four-year term under separately defined procedures.
(4) Information on PSPS Monographs and PSPS Recommendations is announced on the PSPS website ( Editorial contact:


PSPS monographs – application and processing procedure

(1) A book’s first author sends its manuscript with a letter of intent to the M&R Editorial Team at the following e-mail address: The letter should indicate that the intention is to include the work in the PSPS Monographs publishing series.

(2) The letter should include:
a) Details of the author/authors: name, degree, affiliation;
b) Full text of the book, including all graphic materials and appendices;

(3) After an initial review of the subject matter of the submitted book, the editors:

(a) Select a lead editor from among themselves;

(b) Decide whether the book meets the formal criteria and whether it falls within the content profile of the PSPS Monographs series;
(c) Find two reviewers, assuming that the role should be performed by specialists with at least a doctoral degree in psychology;

(d) Within a period not exceeding 14 days from the submission of the manuscript, the first author is informed by the lead editor that the manuscript has been accepted for the review process or any other decision resulting from the editorial process;

(4) Based on the reviews obtained, the lead editor makes a preliminary recommendation to the editorial team, the conclusion of which may take one of three forms:
a) The book in its present form may be included in the publishing series;
b) The book may be included in the publishing series upon revision indicated by the reviewers
c) The book may not be included in the publishing series.

(5) The decision made by the editorial team is forwarded to the author by the lead editor, along with the contents of the editorial reviews and any additional comments from the editorial board.

(6) In case revisions are needed, the lead editor will set an individual due date with the Author to prepare a revised version of the book. The author should provide the revised manuscript with a detailed description of the changes made (referring to the reviewers’ comments) and a justification for the possible lack of implementation of specific changes suggested by the reviewers.

(7) In ambiguous cases, the editors reserve the right to request additional consultations with the reviewer(s).

(8) The lead editor analyzes all the material on the revised version and presents his recommendation to the remaining editorial board members.

(9) The Editorial team is obliged to review the submitted manuscript in a time-efficient manner. It is assumed that the first round should not take more than two months from the submission confirmation to the first decision. The declared time should not exceed one month for the second round (after revisions).

(10) The editors decide to qualify or not qualify a book for the PSPS Monographs series, with the decision of the majority being conclusive by voting.

(11) Upon qualification to the PSPS Monographs series, the book will be marked with a special “PSPS Monographs” seal. Information about the qualification of the book will also be posted on the PSPS website and communicated to the members of PSPS through the PSPS newsletter.

(12) Further steps and technical requirements for preparing the book for printing are carried out in the standard manner adopted by Scholar Publishing House.

(13) The Editorial Team may request to honor a particular PSPS Monograph with an award within the PSPS or in external awards.


PSPS recommendation

While encouraging members of the Society to publish their most significant works in the PSPS Monographs series, the PSPS Board and the M&R Editorial Team offer another option for books that, for various reasons, will be published outside the Scholar Publishing House. The high scientific level remains the invariable criterion for applying for and deciding on a PSPS Recommendation. The second criterion for awarding a PSPS Recommendation relates to (a) the popularization of social psychology or (b) addressing essential problems of our social reality through the lens of social psychology.


The procedure for applying for a PSPS Recommendation is as follows:

(1) The first Author or Editor of a book in the publishing process sends the application to the Editorial Team’s e-mail address: The application should indicate that the book is supposed to be considered for a PSPS Recommendation.

(2) The submission must be accompanied by:
a) the full text of the book;
b) the book’s first and final reviews after the Author(s) or the Editor(s) rebuttal to them (reviewers who are aware of the Author(s)/Editor’s efforts may refer to them in their comments).
c) confirmation of the planned publication from the publishing house where the book is about to be published (the author should take the initiative to establish contact between the Publishing House and the Editorial Team to facilitate communication about the application process.

(3) In the case of popularization works or books addressing the application of social psychology to social reality, the submission may be accompanied by the opinion of the PSPS Board or experts, other than reviewers, who specialize in the relevant area of science.

(4) In the decision process of granting the PSPS Recommendation, the following criteria will be considered:
a) the substantive quality of the book and its validity and potential social impact;
b) the opinions of reviewers;
c) the quality of the publishing house where the book is about to be published.

(5) The Editorial Team analyzes the application for PSPS Recommendation as follows:
a) reads the manuscript, editorial reviews, and possible opinions of other recommenders;
b) whenever in doubt, the Editorial Team may request for additional opinions of the reviewers or the PSPS Board,
c) Makes the final decision on the PSPS Recommendation by voting.

(6) Upon qualification to the PSPS Monographs series, the book will be marked with a special “PSPS Recommendation” seal. Information about the qualification of the book will also be posted on the PSPS website and communicated to the members of PSPS through the PSPS newsletter.