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The 18th Annual Meeting of the PSPS, organized by the University of Lodz, is behind us. It was a meeting place for more than 250 psychologists and social psychologists, who could participate in as many as 34 sessions and symposia, plenary lectures, panel discussions, talks of PSPS award winners, and a poster session over three days. The event’s international character attracted attention – as many as 35% of the talks were given in English, which allowed non-Polish speakers to participate in our event. A two-day summer school accompanied the 18th Annual Meeting. Following the tradition, we presented our PSPS awards: the Lifetime Achievement award (to John Nezlek) and the Zajonc Award for significant publications in social psychology up to 7 years after obtaining a PhD (to Paulina Górska).
Last but not least, an honorary membership of the PSPS was awarded to Vadym Vasiutynsky. The Annual Meeting was a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and integrate our community. We want to thank the organizers and look forward to the next meeting in Katowice!
Photo report: Karolina Koszałkowska, Monika Wróbel, and Tomasz Besta