Regulations of the grant competition of the Polish Social Psychological Society for funding research conducted by junior members (2024 edition)

§ 1

Purpose of the competition

  1. The competition aims to award grants for submitted proposals of empirical research aimed at testing a pre-registered hypothesis or hypotheses relating to social psychology. The results of the proposed studies are supposed to be submitted to a journal of choice in the form of an English-language publication (see to Section 1§5).
  2. A winning project may receive funding of up to PLN 5,000.


Conditions for participation in the competition

  1. Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the regulations and consent to the processing of personal data of all co-authors of the research presented in the application, including the publication of their names on in the event of funding.
  2. The awarded funds may be used only for conducting research described in the proposal (and within the time indicated in the application) using the Prolific research panel or a Polish panel recommended by the Interviewer Quality Control Program,
  3. Those who did not finalize their previous projects funded under competitions organized by the PSPS are excluded from participation in the new competitions.


Applicant eligibility

  1. The competition can only be entered by juniors member of the Polish Social Psychological Society (as long as they do not have overdue fee payments). Applicants may apply for funding for research conducted independently or with a team indicated in the application. Applications from previous unsuccessful applicants will be given priority for support.
  2. Applications should be sent to by April 30, 2024. A grant application is considered complete if it contains three parts (minimum 0.5; and maximum 2 A4 pages per part)
    1) an abbreviated CV of the primary applicant
    2) hypotheses and research plan with power analysis (the expected number of participants in the study/studies and the estimated time required to complete the study) pre-registered using – please submit the completed preregistration form in PDF version (to be downloaded by the author after submitting and approving the form on,
    3) a brief description of the publication that is to be based on the proposal (the primary applicant should be indicated as the first or sole author of the publication).


Evaluation of submitted applications

  1. Complete and timely applications will be evaluated by a Jury appointed by the PSPS Board by May 15, 2024. The PSPS Board will make the final decision to award funding based on the ranking list of proposals prepared by the Jury
  2. The list of winning proposals will be published on by May 15, 2024.


Rights and obligations of the contest participant

  1. The correct way of finalizing the grant is to submit a final report describing the results of the completed study along with the manuscript no later than May 15, 2025 to and the confirmation of the manuscript submission to the PSPS journal Social Psychological Bulletin ( or another recognized scientific journal no later than May 15, 2025 to the same address. In exceptional cases, the primary applicant may ask for an extension of this deadline from the PSPS Board. The Authors must recognize the PSPS as the source of funding by adding a statement to the manuscript (sample statement: The project financed by a grant no. x/year awarded to … (project no. x/year) // The project financed by a grant no. x/year awarded to … by the Polish Social Psychological Society).
  2. Failure to meet the condition described in item 1. will result in temporary ineligibility to apply for funding related to other membership privileges (e.g., participation in summer schools, grant competitions, PSPS awards) until corrected documentation is submitted.


Rights and obligations of organizers

  1. The competition organizer commits to the payment of the awarded funding per the approved proposal application.
  2. The organizer reserves the right to terminate the competition without reaching a decision. The organizer shall provide justification for refusing to fund a project.
  3. Failure to finalize the grant means the primary applicant must return all or part of the funds spent. The PSPS Board shall decide on the amount of reimbursement after reviewing the opinions of the Jury.


Appeal procedure

  1. A candidate for participation in the competition has the right to withdraw the submitted application until the end of the submission period.
  2. There is no appeal procedure in case of failure to qualify for funding.


Maintaining confidentiality

  1. All proposals submitted to the competition are treated as confidential and will not be used within or outside the competition without the knowledge and consent of the applicants.


Other provisions

  1. The Regulations shall become effective as of the publication date of the call for submissions.
  2. Applying to the grant competition means acknowledging the rights and obligations under these Regulations and accepting them by the applicants.
  3. Any possible disputes arising in connection with the competition will be resolved amicably, and in the absence of an agreement, the common court of Warsaw shall resolve the dispute.